Dear Singer

Dear Singer, 

When you have had a frustrating day in the practice room, try to remember why you started. 

What made you fall in love with music and with singing? 

Can you remember where you were? Can you remember the precise moment when you decided: YES. THIS. 

Who was there? How did it feel? What were you singing? 

Have you sung that song since then? Have you replicated that experience or something like it? My moment was at a choir festival, and during a very frustrating time when nothing in singing felt good or right anymore, I realized that I hadn’t sung in a choir in years.  So the very thing that propelled me to choose this was something that I had pushed out of my life for who knows what reasons.  So first I revisited it in my mind.  What did I love about it?  For me it was the collective energy, so many of us working as hard as we could toward something far greater than we could do alone.  It was the glorious music, and it was the people. And then I decided that I wanted that back. I needed it. 

When you don’t get the part you wanted, or get lost in the weeds of audition season, or start to feel like this work will never give back what you are pouring in to it, take a step back.  See if you can remember why you’re here, why you chose this.  

Is it still in there?  That spark, the energy, the joy that you felt?  Even the tiniest flicker can be enough fuel to fight another day. 

(But here’s a secret: if it’s not there, if even that moment of yes from deep inside you doesn’t resonate anymore; if it feels like a distant memory that is hollow now, never forget that you can choose again.  Just because you’re here now doesn’t mean you have to stay a minute longer if your joy is to be found elsewhere.)